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Management of Social Networks

Basic Social Media Management Plan for Small Businesses

Aim: Offer small businesses an effective and economical strategy to improve their presence on social networks, increase brand recognition and generate greater interaction with their customers.


1. Initial analysis:

   - We will identify your target audience to ensure that our strategies are aligned with their interests.

   - We will establish the specific objectives in social networks adapted to the goals of your business.

   - We will evaluate your current presence in social networks to determine areas of opportunity.


2. Selection of platforms:

   - We will focus on the most relevant social networks for your business, thus guaranteeing an effective use of resources.


3. Creation/optimization of profiles:

   - We will ensure that your brand is presented in a professional and coherent way in the networks.

   - We will optimize the visibility of contact information and calls to action.


4. Content strategy:

   - We will develop a publication calendar adapted to your needs. Limit 2 posts per week, includes creative, graphic art, and/or photography.

   - We will generate attractive and relevant content for your audience, including promotions, testimonials and advice.


5. Interaction with the audience:

   - We guarantee a quick response to interactions and queries.

   - We will encourage the active participation of your followers, thus strengthening the relationship with them.


6. Advertising:

   - If your budget allows it, we will advise you on the creation of effective ads to expand your reach on the selected platforms.


7. Monitoring and analysis:

   - We will use analytical tools to evaluate the performance of the strategy and make adjustments when necessary.


8. Training and updating:

   - We will keep you informed about the latest trends and tools relevant to your business on social networks.


9. Management tools:

   - We will implement tools that facilitate the management of your networks, allowing a better organization and programming.


10. Periodic review:

   - We will hold periodic meetings to discuss the results, present reports and adapt the strategy according to the needs of the business.


Conclusion: Our commitment is to offer you a personalized and efficient service that allows your business to grow in the digital world in a sustainable way. Together, we will work so that your brand has a prominent presence on social networks.

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